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Jedi Enterance

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Jedi Enterance

Strange Anagrams

Friday, October 24th, 2014

An anagram is a type of word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly once; for example Doctor Who can be rearranged into Torchwood. Below are some interesting anagrams that seem to almost fit together.


A Decimal Point < = > I’m a Dot in Place
A telephone girl < = > Repeating Hello
A telescope < = > To see place
Admirer < = > Married
Alec Guinness < = > Genuine Class
Animosity < = > Is No Amity
Astronomer < = > Moon Starer
Church of Scientology < = > Rich-chosen goofy Cult
Clint Eastwood < = > Old West Action
Clothespins < = > So let’s pinch
Conversation < = > Voices Rant On
David Letterman < = > Nerd amid late TV
Debit card < = > Bad credit
Desperation < = > A Rope End It
Dormitory < = > Dirty Room
Election Results < = > Lies Let’s Recount
Eleven Plus Two < = > Twelve Plus One
Elvis < = > Lives
George Bush < = > He Bugs Gore
Heavy Rain? < = > Hire a Navy!
Howard Stern < = > Retard shown
Jim Morrison < = > Mr. Mojo risin’
Listen < = > Silent
Madam Curie < = > Radium came
Mother in Law < = > Mother Hitler
Naturalist < = > A trails nut
Postmaster < = > Stamp Store
Presbyterian < = > Best in Prayer
Slot Machines < = > Cash Lost in Me
Snooze Alarms < = > Alas No More Z’s
Statue of Liberty < = > Built To Stay Free
The country side < = > No City Dust Here
The Detectives < = > Detect Thieves
The Ears < = > Hear Set
The Eyes < = > They See
The Hilton < = > Hint: Hotel
The Morse Code < = > Here Come Dots
The Shawshank Redemption < = > Tim taken, showed harsh pen
The Shining < = > Highest inn
Tuesday, November Third < = > Many Voted, Bush Retired
United States < = > Senate Dust It
Weapons of Mass Destruction < = > US Team Swoops, Finds No Trace
Western Union < = > No Wire Unsent

The Princess Bride

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

The Princess Bride was released today, October 9th*, back in 1987. Time for a re-watching.


*with a limited release on September 25th, 1987.

The Princess Bride

Director: Rob Reiner
Genre: Comedy
Released: September 25, 1987
Return to a time when men were men and swamps were swamps. Fire swamps, that is. Full of quicksand and Rodents of Unusual Size. Lagoons were inhabited by shrieking eels. And the most beautiful woman in the world was named…Buttercup? Well, it's a bent fairy tale. Complete with all the fencing, fighting, chases, escapes, and silly accents you'd expect. Plus one of two things only Rob Reiner (director of "Misery", "When Harry Met Sally...") could dream up. Like Inigo Montoya, who has dreamt his whole life of finding the six finger man who killed his father. Blonde Buttercup loves Westley, a poor stable boy. But when he's captured by pirates, she's chosen by evil Prince Humperdinck to be his princess bride. Along the way, she gets kidnapped, he gets killed. But it all ends up okay.

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Mythbusters Secrets Revealed

Thursday, September 18th, 2014


MythBusters, Duct Tape Myths

Track Count: 4
Series: MythBusters
Genre: Nonfiction
Released: November 5, 2012
© 2012
It’s the most versatile tool in your tool box, you can make almost anything out of it, and it can fix anything – right? Find out what Myths stick and what ones don’t in these fun-filled episodes of MythBusters.

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MythBusters, Biggest Blasts

Track Count: 5
Series: MythBusters
Genre: Nonfiction
Released: October 29, 2012
© 2012
See the MythBusters Biggest Blasts ever in this collection. From exploding cars to torpedoes to RPG’s the MythBusters will stop at nothing to bring you the Biggest Blasts in the name of Science.

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The Path Less Traveled

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

ip-2014-13w-u697Most ruled journals out there are printed with straight lines that run horizontally across the page. According to famed San Diego based artist Naomi Ritchie, straight lines can inhibit the artistic flow. Fortunately there are drawing pads with our lines and now there is the Inspiration Pad, a composition book with each page sporting a different pattern of lines and grids.

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