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Does the dot change size?

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Believe it or not, but the center orange dot does not change size.



Not Disneyland Approved!

Friday, September 5th, 2014

At Disneyland, you are given a pin to allow Cast Members and others to recognize your special event. Events such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and the like. Somehow, i don’t think this pin has been approved by Disney.

Just Divorced!

Just Divorced!

Bear in a queue…

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Bear in a queue


We’ve all been there, trying to decide if we should switch lines, and it usually results in the same outcome. Uff dah.

How To Write Good

Friday, April 25th, 2014

1. Avoid Alliteration. Always.
2. Prepositions are not words to end sentences with.
3. Avoid cliches like the plague. They’re old hat.
4. Comparisons are as bad as cliches.
5. Be more or less specific.
6. Writes should never generalize.
Seven: Be consistent!
8. Don’t be redundant; don’t use more words than necessary; It’s highly superfluous.
9. Who needs rhetorical questions?
10. Exaggeration is a billion times worse than understatement.


Coyote v. ACME

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Inspired by Ian Frazier’s 1990 article in The New Yorker ‘Coyote v. Acme’, Daniel Weil has redesigned five products that will help Wile E. Coyote finally catch the Road Runner. Links to the original article and Daniel’s new diagrams are listed below. The original article told the “little-known story” of Wile E. Coyote’s endless legal battles with the Acme Company.

ku-xlarge ACME_blog4

[Daniel Weil's Coyote v. Acme]

[Ian Frazier's 1990 Coyote v. Acme]

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