luxa2Too many of today’s portable stands are designed like PCs, i.e plastic and ugly. You have a MacBook Pro and want something to equal it’s style, while still being functional. Look no further, I have found the best of both worlds.

LUXA2’s new M1-Pro Laptop Cooler is designed for us MacBook Pro owners. Combining the design esthetics of Apple into an ergonomic and functional laptop cooler. It doesn’t just raise your MacBook Pro to an optimal viewing angle, it cools it with a dual heat-pipe integrated right in the M1-Pro. This enhances heat dissipation by providing a direct heat conduction path between MacBook Pro bottom casing and M1-Pro’s aluminum surface. No noisy fans to contend with because of the M1-Pro’s silent thermal solution.

By the way, in keeping with Apple’s greener initiative, LUXA2’s packaging “is designed smaller to reach the goal of Going Green.” Currently all LUXA2 products are made from green materials and all RoHS compliant.

[via LUXA2]