Many of my clients in the entertainment industry are intensely concerned, and rightfully so, about the security of their media.  Whether it is video files or scripts, Corsair may have come up with the perfect solution. Prior to this product, users had to fiddle with secure disk images, that were time consuming to handle on a regular basis. Now a much simpler solution is at hand.

The Padlock 2, from Corsair,  features Mac OS X compatible password protection via the built-in keypad. Hardware 256-bit encryption secures your data and multiple failed entries locks device for 2 minutes to prevent repeated attempts to access data.

What if you forget the passcode? Don’t worry, there’s a procedure for wiping the drive clean and generating a new one. View on and View on are  available immediately, with larger versions coming soon.
[Via Corsair]

Updated 4/29/2010: Systematic Development Group has added another player in the secure thumb drive game. With a lot of the same as Corsair’s, it is worth taking a look at.

[LOK-IT available directly from Systematic Development Group LLC]

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